Mentoring is a support mechanism to encourage and enable people to maximise their potential to develop their skill.

Individual mentoring is successful when you develop a relationship with a Mentee which encourages them to progress and think for themselves whilst receiving directional suggestions ,support and guidance to improve their performance motivation and confidence.

There is no standard way to Mentor, each appointed Mentor has one or two specialities mine is Sales and Marketing but they usually have a broad base of business skills either in a large organisations or run their own Companies. If they come across a problem they are not confident in they will know someone who has the required skill.

A business Mentor provides guidance to a business owner trying to avoid the pitfalls the mentor has probably experienced before as the mentor is usually older person who has experience a larger Company at a High level or run or started their own business and is prepared to share that experience to start up Companies or growth Companies.The effective mentor has a tool kit and understands the roll of mentor and the mentee experience, communication skills, teaching skills. You need to guide the mentee in the correct direction and you might use a varied list of contacts,colleagues or friends to achieve the objective which have been built up over the years and can sometimes open doors. The mentor also offers non judgemental relationship and most importantly is generous with hard earned knowledge,communication skills and experience.

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